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Discover our products for the nutrition market


Microbiome nutrition

Promotes the optimal condition for the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the gut. Provides the correct amount of nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins and coenzymes necessary for the proper functioning of your body.

Tubos de ensaio

Orthomolecular nutrition

Through the correct concentration of nutrients, it is possible to create a biological land, which is composed of a microbiome that acts in a regulatory way in the digestive system, developing the perfect orthomolecular condition to contribute to the maintenance of well-being.

▫️  Vitamins A       ▫️  Vitamins D       ▫️  Vitamins E        ▫️  Vitamins K        ▫️  D-pantenol        ▫️  Tocopherol        
▫️  B complex 1 to 12       ▫️  Hydro Soluble vitamins       
▫️  Vitamin C


Organic line - vegetable extracts

Plantus' line of food and nutrition products are certified organic by IBD, the largest certifier in Latin America and with IFOAM accreditation (international market), ISO/IEC 17065 (European market regulation CE 834/2007), Demeter (international market), USDA /NOP (North American market) and approved for use of the SISORG seal (Brazilian market), which makes the certificate accepted globally.


Cellulose-based capsules contain organic ingredients.

Immunity capsule

The natural supplement with organic ingredients is a combination of assets that can improve immunity. It has indications to increase resistance, disease prevention (Immunity increase) and improvement of stress and physical and mental fatigue.

Energy capsules

Indicated for lack of disposition, weakness and mental fatigue, caused by stress. Its energetic action works as a strengthening tonic for the body. It is an excellent alternative for men and women. The combination of herbal medicines will stimulate mental and physical health, improving the efficiency of your daily routine.

Stimulating Capsules

Natural stimulant supplements with organic ingredients were developed to improve performance for those who want a more active and healthy intimate life, as well as contributing to greater well-being. The use of natural stimulants are effective and safe, guarantee the desired effect and replace the use of medicines with their natural equivalents, taking the unpleasant and dangerous side effects from the scene. Provide improved sexual performance, increased libido and vitality, without offering health risks.


Learn more about our sustainable production practices in the Sustainability section

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