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Our history

It all started in the early 2000s with studies by researcher Zelita Maria Santos Rocha on Brazilian biodiversity, the potential of plant species and their contributions to human health and well-being. At that time, the Plantus industry germinated from the need to make research in the field of natural products from our biodiversity, impacting health, quality of life, employment and income. generating a sustainable process and encouraging environmental preservation. Thus, on August 27, 2010, the company Plantus Industry was founded.

The company started to operate in a physical structure that was used for the production of perfumes of a former French owner. Over the years, it has expanded its infrastructure and machinery, to maintain a high degree of biosecurity in its facilities, considered one of the best in Brazilian northeastern region. Even in the early years, it began to stand out in the market for technological development of sustainable products from Brazilian Biodiversity, preserving and valuing the bio-socio-cultural knowledge of the country's traditional communities. In its 12 years of operation, it stands out in the national and global market as an exporter of plant products, being the company with the largest number of certified organic plants in Brazil. It also stands out for conducting its business ethically, with integrity and respecting current legislation.

Our history
Our principles

Our principles


Manufacture and commercialize essential oils, fixed oils, butters and plant extracts, developing a quality policy, adding technology and innovation to the development of ingredients, serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food segments, for the national and international market.


To be a reference in the manufacture and commercialization of products from biodiversity, becoming the world leader in this sector.


▫️  Maximize the products of the Brazilian biome;    
▫️ Promote the sustainability of local biodiversity;    
▫️ Develop joint projects with extractive communities;
▫️ Socioeconomic inclusion of individual communities

About Prolab Aromatique

About Prolab Aromatique

In addition to the production of ingredients of natural and organic origin for the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, at the Plantus Group's manufacturing unit we also have our Cosmetics and Sanitizing Products manufacturing unit, Prolab Aromatique. At Prolab, there is production from Natural Soaps with Plantus products to Alcohol in Gel and Hydrated Ethyl, which during the pandemic period allowed the company to contribute to the scenario and reinvent itself in its production processes.

About Plantus Farms

About Plantus Farms

The entire Plantus production process is planned from the moment it is planted and it all begins in our Farms. At the Plantus Farms we have our plantations in the Atlantic Forest and Caatinga biomes, thus supplying our own demand for raw materials, reducing costs in the long term and guaranteeing the quality of our products.


About Plantus Biotech: fermentation unit

The species of microorganisms used in our biotechnological processes are chosen according to the type of fermentation process that will be carried out. Our biotechnology unit has areas prepared for the fermentation process, which allow processes with the maximum possible yield, in addition to having the necessary biosafety levels for the production and storage of raw materials. Plantus Biotech has the solutions for our state-of-the-art processes enabling new products and opening up to new innovative markets.

About Plantus Biotech: fermentation unit

Certifications and seals

Plantus chose IBD, which is the largest certifier in Latin America and the only Brazilian certifier of organic products with IFOAM accreditation (international market), ISO/IEC 17065 (European market regulation EC 834/2007), Demeter (international market), USDA /NOP (North American market) and approved for use of the SISORG seal (Brazilian market), which makes its certificate globally accepted.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) seal attests to the quality of our organically sourced products. With the FDA seal, Plantus can export organic raw materials to the USA, with the certainty that our products will be used by consumers safely.

Certifications and seals
Alta fives

Management Team and Board of Directors

Our leadership team is made up of an exceptional group of professionals who champion sustainable development, technology and market innovation with organic products, while creating significant growth opportunities as part of an environmentally and socially responsible company.

Zelita Maria Santos Rocha


Vanessa Fernandes


Lucas Rocha


Antônio Alkimim

Expansion and New Business

Dheuzayannes Campos


Management Team and Board of Directors

Meet our unit

Learn more about the Plantus structure



Welcome to Plantus! Every detail has been carefully thought out to offer a new concept in a professional environment.

Training Room

We have a space for qualification courses, training and lectures for up to 30 people.


The offices were designed with ample space to accommodate our employees and thus provide personalized service.


In the lounge it is possible to view part of the production area while enjoying a coffee or quick meals.

Quality control laboratory and pharmaceutical grade room

All our products undergo a thorough analysis of quality control, and with the pharmaceutical grade room we can meet the strictest standards required.


Sensorial garden

Around the physical structure of the factory there are several seedlings of native and exotic plants that make up the portfolio of our products.


Social bathrooms

Privacy, comfort and hygiene aligned with a corporate environment.



At the SPA, employees and visitors have a moment of relaxation and can try some of the products made with Plantus ingredients.

New area of development

Soon the result of the partnership between BNDES and FINEP

Meet our unit
Enjoy our team
local de trabalho

Join our team

Would you like to work with us? Send your CV to:

Internship program: We receive interns from public and private institutions to work on our team. The Plantus stage takes place in our Quality Control Laboratory in the physical chemical analysis of our products. The internship is aimed at students of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and related areas.

Learn more about our sustainable production practices in the Sustainability section

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