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Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I)

Plantus' RD&I sector is made up of professionals with an entrepreneurial profile and from technical, technological and innovation areas who coordinate and prospect new projects, actions and development partnerships for the company.

placa de Petri


Through biotechnological processes, Plantus products bring innovation to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food markets with products of organic origin and with a competitive edge. The application of these biotechnological techniques in the development and manufacture of natural products makes our products unique, with diversified benefits and properties. Our biotechnological techniques are based on natural microorganisms that are specifically selected for each plant.



The PRODUCTION OF INGREDIENTS BY BIOTECHNOLOGY project carried out by Plantus Indústria with government support from FINEP/BNDES reference 0034/17 has as main functions the biotechnological and enzymatic development of products aimed at innovation in the cosmetic area, supporting small producers in different regions of the country through the acquisition of promising raw materials for this purpose.

Punhos em Solidariedade


Plantus has partnerships with Science and Technology Institutes, such as Federal Universities, in the development of its innovation projects.

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