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Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or bacterial colony, which consists of a branching mass formed by a set of tangled hyphae. It is also responsible for carrying nutrients to where the fungus needs it and symbiosis with some species. The mycelium is extremely demanding in terms of temperature and humidity to process the rest of the fungal biological cycle. The mycelial network of plants is composed of a great diversity of fungi and bacteria that live in symbiosis in plant roots. This living complex is responsible for plant communication and is rich in bioactives that, when processed biotechnologically, form products with high value. The vegetative mycelium is the part corresponding to the support and absorption of nutrients, developing inside the substrate. In a humid environment rich in organic matter, the hyphae of this mycelium can grow rapidly. This growth occurs at the ends of the hyphae, which penetrate more and more into the substrate, exploiting it to obtain food.

Folhas verdes

List of product Mycellium line:

Mycellium Seje Oil

Mycellium Andiroba Oil Live

Mycellium Spilantol Oil

Mycellium Lucuma Sapota Oil

Mycellium Lichiu Oil

Mycellium Angico Branco Oil

Mycellium Pau Brazil Flower Oil

Mycellium Green Coffee Oil

Mycellium Macauba Coconut Oil

Mycellium Oil

Mycellium Alecrim Pimenta Fermented Oil

Mycellium Geranium Essential Oil

Mycellium Pequi Oil Red

Mycellium Passion Fruit Oil

Mycellium Cumaru Oil

Mycellium Buriti Oil

Mycellium Plantus 360

Mycellium Andiroba Oil Organic

Mycellium Green Coffee Oil Organic

Mycellium Pequi Oil 

Mycellium Pau Brazil Flower Oil

Mycellium Baobab Prebiotic Biowater

Mycellium Baobab Oil Fermented

Mycellium Maqui berry Oil

Mycellium Nuts Mix Oil

Mycellium Vanilla Notes Oil (with flavor and taste)

Mycellium Biofermented Rainforest Oil

Mycellium Rosehip Fermented Oil

Mycellium Cacay Fermented Oil

Mycellium Patchouly Fermented Oil

Mycellium Murumuru Butter

Mycellium Passion Fruit Oil

Mycellium Copaíba Oil

Mycellium Ucuuba Butter

Mycellium Pracaxi Oil  

Mycellium Buriti Oil

Mycellium Cupuaçu Butter

Mycellium Pequi Oil

Mycellium Brazil Nut Oil

Mycellium Açaí Oil

Mycellium Tucumã Butter

Mycellium Urucum Oil

Mycellium Cacay Oil


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