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In natura plants, which include its leaves, fruits and barks, do not allow the interaction of external microorganisms with their internal fundamental structures. The intact part of the plant contains Rhodotorula and Plantarém lactobacilli in its surface. When the plant is processed, the microorganism on the surface will have access to the protected composition including a number of  components transforming them  into bioactives. As example, Rhodotorula are capable of transforming carotenoids into retinol.

Folhas verdes

List of product Symbiomic line:

Symbiomic Seje Oil

Symbiomic Andiroba Oil Live

Symbiomic Spilantol Oil

Symbiomic Lucuma Sapota Oil

Symbiomic Lichiu Oil

Symbiomic Angico Branco Oil

Symbiomic Pau Brazil Flower Oil

Symbiomic Green Coffee Oil

Symbiomic Macauba Coconut Oil

Symbiomic Alecrim Pimenta Fermented Oil

Symbiomic Geranium Essential Oil

Symbiomic Pequi Oil Red

Symbiomic Passion Fruit Oil

Symbiomic Cumaru Oil

Symbiomic Buriti Oil

Symbiomic Plantus 360

Symbiomic Andiroba Oil Organic

Symbiomic Green Coffee Oil Organic

Symbiomic Pequi Oil 

Symbiomic Pau Brazil Flower Oil

Rhodotorula spp.

Photo: Symbiome (2021)

List of product
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